Announcement of two Topical Issues of Advances in Space Research

Dear COLAGE participants,

Great news! We can finally confirm that the proceedings of the COLAGE XI  will be published by Advances in Space Research (ASR), through the  following two special issues (SI) listed below. Deadline for submission  is March 31, 2019 and accepted articles will be published free of charge.

Even though we expect that most contributions will come from COLAGE XI  participants, note that both special issues will accept submissions from  other authors as well. We invite authors that contributed to Sessions 1,  2 in Colage XI to submit to SI1, and those who contributed to Sessions  3-7 to submit to SI2. Papers must be submitted electronically to To ensure that all manuscripts are  correctly identified for inclusion into the corresponding SI, authors  must select the “Article Type” indicated below when they reach the  “Article Type” step in the submission process. Enclosed please find the full description for both issues.

SI1: “Recent results on solar and heliospheric phenomena affecting Earth” (Guest Eds.: Cristina Mandrini & Hebe Cremades)
Article type: “Special Issue: SOL-HEL Phenomena – Earth”
SI2: “Magnetosphere, ionosphere and their connection to Space Weather” (Guest Eds.: Daniel Gomez & Sergio Dasso)
Article type: “Special Issue: Space weather connection”

Best regards,

Daniel Gómez (chairman of COLAGE XI)

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