Apoyo a Abuelas

July 1th, La Plata, Argentina

To the members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee:

On behalf of the authorities and the members of the Asociación Física Argentina (Argentine Physical Society) we address you to convey our support to the nomination of the Argentinian civil society Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo for the Peace Nobel Prize. Our society, which is over a hundred years old, groups more than a thousand physicists in Argentina: researchers, professionals, teachers and students. Being one of the many institutions of our country that suffered the consequences of state terrorism during the last dictatorship that ravaged our country, we would like to participate in the selection process since we believe that granting the prize to these grandmothers, the Nobel Committee will acknowledge the efforts of the hundreds of thousands who fight for the highest human values.
As many other social groups, we physicists suffered the violent and terrible consequences of state terrorism repeatedly implanted in our country in the twentieth century culminating in the coup d’état of March 24, 1976, when a group of three military men assumed political control of the country, suppressed the state of law and installed one of the most brutal and perverse dictatorships of the recent history of our race.
Upon the illegitimate power of arms, supported by powerful national and international economic groups, and counting on the support of influential governments, they carried through a systematic and general plan to impoverish the country benefiting only those sectors that helped them to gain power and are thus accomplices of so much tragedy. And to complete their programme they did not hesitate and launched a massacre of terrible proportions. Sheltered by permanent curfew they: suspended constitutional rights and guarantees, tortured, exiled and murdered thousands of opponents. In many cases the bodies disappeared. But, in their barbarism, nothing surpassed the inhumanity of the substitution of the identity of hundreds of children born in captivity of then murdered parents, which were illegitimately given away to other families.
Before the end of this sinister dictatorship, a group of people started a silent plea for justice and knowledge of the truth. Many of them were mothers of political prisoners or persons that had disappeared. Their fight continued and was strengthened with the return of democratic institutions on December 10, 1983, and slowly gained the recognition, the affection and the solidarity of all our society. Later, the Civil Society Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo was created to search for those children born in captivity and given away to false parents. Supported willingly by society and counting on the help of many scientific institutions, they were able to return their true past to almost a hundred young people. But four hundred cases are yet to be resolved.
For more than ten years now, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo have fought to recover the truth and memory of a society submitted to state violence for decades. And their work was done with a degree of responsibility, love and courage that overwhelms their fellow citizens. They never suggested revenge, they were always zealously respectful of legal mechanisms and institutions and, above all, despite being grandmothers that suffered the most unimaginable horrors, they never lost the patience and wisdom necessary to keep their faith and hope in the human condition.
For all these reasons, the Asociación Física Argentina wishes to express their most profound support to the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo as candidates to the Peace Nobel Prize.

Jorge Zgrablich and Francisco Tamarit