Agreement between
the Asociación Física Argentina and the Institute of Physics

To enhance scientific relations and improve communications between physicists in Argentina and physicists in the UK and Ireland, the Asociación and the Institute hereby agree the arrangements for joint membership which are set out in the Annex attached to this agreement.

This agreement shall come into immediate effect on signature by both the President of the Asociación and the President of the Institute, and shall remain in force until either the Institute or the Asociación gives the other not less than 12 calendar months’ written notice of termination. The Asociación acknowledges that the annual electronic affiliate fee, and the benefits offered to electronic affiliates, may be subject to periodic review by the Institute.  Any changes shall be notified to the Asociación in writing and shall be posted on the Institute’s website.

Signed for the Asociación Física Argentina Signed for the Institute of Physics
……………………………………… ………………………………………
Date: 26 April 2010 Date:  26 April 2010


Joint membership arrangements between the Asociación Física Argentina and the Institute of Physics

  1. The Asociación will notify all its members of the opportunity to take up electronic affiliate membership of the Institute;
  2. Members of the Asociación who wish to take up this offer will register as electronic affiliates through the Institute’s website,, identifying themselves as members of the Asociación;
  1. As at this date, the Institute will make the following facilities available to members of the Asociación who register as electronic affiliates:
  • Online access to the digital version of Physics World, the monthly member magazine of the Institute;
  • Attendance at Institute conferences in the UK and Ireland at member rates;
  • Access to MyIOP, the online network for members of the Institute;
  • Membership through MyIOP of any of the specialist groups of the Institute;
  • A personal email address, including a forwarding service and 50MB of storage;
  • Professional help-sheets and other career resources available from the Institute’s website or by email;
  • Access to the members’ room and facilities at the London headquarters of the Institute, on the same terms as other members of the Institute.
  1. As at this date, the members of the Institute can attend the Asociación conferences in Argentina at member rates.
  2. The Institute will charge each member of the Asociación who registers as an electronic affiliate an annual fee currently set at GBP10.