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Predoc position: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Research Group: Thermophysical Properties of Materials

Location: Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao, Bilbao (UPV/EHU)


The research group is seeking candidates for a predoctoral position to perform the PhD. in computational fluid dynamics modelling (CFD). The applicant will work in a university research team in collaboration with an important industrial partner. The goal of this project is to develop heat transfer CFD models with combustion in complex geometries for direct industrial application. Research and development activities will include:

– Analysis of combustion modelling strategies.
– Analysis of heat transfer CFD models including combustion.
– Development of CFD models including combustion for real industrial cases.
– Analysis of the importance of different heat transfer mechanisms in those cases.
– Development of optimization strategies of working conditions for those cases.

Job Requirements

Demonstrated experience in CFD modelling.
Applicants must possess the ability to work independently and perform critical analysis, as well as a good level of cooperative and communication skills.

Desired Skills

It will be valued familiarity with: commercial software of finite element methods (ANSYS, STAR CCM+, COMSOL,…), technical drawing software (SolidWorks, Autocad, Solid Edge,…), MATLAB.


Grades in Engineering, Physics or Mathematics.

Contract type

Full time

First day of employment

According to agreement


Monthly salary

For information or to apply to the position write to:

– Raquel Fuente:
– Joxemi Campillo:

Your complete application should be received no later than the 21st of July.

The application must contain the following documents in PDF format.

– Cover letter with a statement of professional interest.
– CV.
– Contact information.