APS Strategic Plan: 2019

Throughout 2018, APS members, leadership, and staff prepared a new Strategic Plan to guide the Society and lay out strategic priorities for APS in the years ahead. (Learn how the Plan was developed).

This new Plan encompasses the whole organization, encourages innovation and experimentation, and positions APS to best confront today’s significant challenges.

Dear Asociacion,

We are pleased to share with you a copy of the APS Strategic Plan: 2019, which lays out strategic priorities for addressing today’s challenges and seizing tomorrow’s opportunities. In the coming months, APS will provide regular updates on how the strategic plan is being implemented across its programs and units.

This plan builds on the APS Strategic Plan: 2013-2017 but now includes the entire organization and incorporates valuable input from volunteer leadership and members.

The discipline of physics is strong, and APS is a strong organization. We are evolving from a position of strength, which affords us many opportunities. As we look to the future we embrace inclusion and diversity, so that all who want to practice physics find a welcoming and supportive environment.

Your partnership as we pursue these goals is integral to the work of APS and to building a society that continues to serve the needs of the physics community.

Your first opportunity to support the Strategic Plan is the APS Innovation Fund, which will provide grants to projects that align with the goals of the Plan. Later this week, you will receive another email with further details on how to submit a proposal. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to advance physics.

Roger W. Falcone
2018 APS President

David J. Gross
2019 APS President

Kate P. Kirby

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