PhD position openning at ESPCI Paris

We are offering a PhD position in lab SIMM (Soft Matter Science and Engineering) at ESPCI Paris with a starting date between September, 1st 2019 and December, 15th 2019, on swelling and friction of hydrogel coatings. The subject is detailed here.

Students with training in soft matter physics, physical-chemistry, or material science and a taste for experimental work are welcome to apply.

The scholarship will be cofunded by the Cofund EU programme as part of the UPtoParis programme, _and by a world leader in building materials and glass, Saint Gobain.

Citizens of any nationality may apply, provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria. Applications must be made on the website till March, 31^th 2018.Potentials applicants should not underestimate the time needed to gather the required documents.

Contact Dr Antoine Chateauminois ( <>), Dr Emilie Verneuil ( <>)or Pr Yvette Tran ( <>) for any further information.

ESPCI Paris is a leading French “Grande Ecole”founded in 1882, educating undergraduate and graduate students through a programme merging basic science and engineering, as well as a world-renowned research institution, covering the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.

Emilie Verneuil
Soft Matter Science and Engineering
Laboratoire SIMM – ESPCI
10 rue Vauquelin – 75005 Paris, France
Bâtiment H, Bureau H1.09
+33 1 40 79 47 42

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