Workshop Yielding Phenomena in Disordered Systems – STATPHYS27 satellite

Is mechanical yielding a dynamical phase transition? How it compares with the depinning of elastic interfaces? To which extent should we expect universality at yielding? When is it better described as first order transition? What about hysteresis and memory effects? Are there fundamental relations between transport properties and geometry in driven amorphous solids?

The aim of this STATPHYS27 satellite is to promote exchanges among scientists sustaining these different approaches to yielding and related phenomena, setting up an heterogeneous and relaxed environment for lengthy discussion. It will follow up on the line of previous workshops and meetings organized on the subject.

Workshop: July 2-5, 2019

The workshop is organized in the framework of a French-Argentinean collaboration project ECOS_Sud-MINCyT. It will take place during 3.5 days, with a low density of speakers to promote interchange and discussion from all participants.

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