ICTP-SAIFR Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics Perspective

Start time: April 19, 2020
Ends on: April 23, 2020
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

The application of techniques of statistical (and other areas of) physics to understand the dynamics of social systems is currently one of the hottest topics in the study of complex systems. The so-called Sociophysics has attracted the attention of a large number of scientists from areas such as physics, computer science, and mathematics, as well as the humanities.

This meeting will bring together physicists and other scientists from all over the world to focus on open issues in social modelling and to identify the new directions in which this interdisciplinary field is evolving.

This activity will be preceded by the ‘School on Applications of Nonlinear Systems to Socio-Economic Complexity’. There is no registration fee.


Opinion dynamics
Fake news and rumor spreading
Human crowd dynamics
Culture evolution
Emergence of revolutions and terrorism
Social networks formation and coevolution
Dynamics of urban agglomerations

Invited Speakers

Alex Arenas (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain)
Pablo Balenzuela (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Guillaume Deffuant* (Lisc, France)
Silvio Ferreira (UFV, Brazil)
Jose Fernando Fontanari (IFSC/USP, Brazil)
Serge Galam (SciPol, France)
José Roberto Iglesias (UNILA, Brazil)
Marcelo Kuperman (CAB, Bariloche, Argentina)
Fabiana Laguna (CAB, Bariloche, Argentina)
Francisco WS Lima (UFPI, Brazil)
Vittorio Loreto* (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy)
Alexandre Martinez (USP-RP, Brazil)
Hernán Makse (City College, CUNY, USA)
Maxi San Miguel (IFISC, UIB-CSIC, Spain)
Mauro Mobilia* (University of Leeds, UK)
Yamir Moreno* (University of Zaragoza, Spain)
Andrea Rapisarda (University of Catania, Italy)
Fabiano Ribeiro (UFLA, Brazil)
Frank Schweitzer*(ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland)
Viktoriya Semeshenko (IIEP, Argentina)
José Soares-Andrade Jr (UFC, Brazil)
Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron (Wroclaw University, Poland)
Raul Toral (IFISC, UIB-CSIC, Spain)
*to be confirmed

Registration deadline

February 9, 2020



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